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When most people think of beetles, they think of the common black Ground Beetle, pictured above. They are very prevalent throughout Vancouver, Burnaby BC, and tend to stay outdoors most of the time. However, if you do have lots of these beetles around your home or business they can occasionally invade the structure. They are attracted by light, and also by moisture. You should first try to eliminate these attractants for the beetles, and if you are still being bothered by beetles indoors, we can come to do a treatment to keep them out.

The Varied Carpet Beetle, pictured here along with the larval stage of the bug, becomes a pest indoors much more frequently than the Ground Beetle. They can sometimes be mistaken for bed bugs, as both the larval stage and adult stage can be found on beds. They are particularly attracted to the wispy fabric that is stapled to the bottom of most box springs. The larval stage has small stiff bristles (hairs) on their body that can cause bite-like reactions on people, adding to the confusion between bed bugs and carpet beetles. They are most destructive in the larval stage, and can damage carpets, rugs, clothing, and other fabrics. Rather than making lots of small holes, which is more characteristic of moth damage, carpet beetles will damage a large section of fabric all at once. If you think you have a carpet beetle problem, first try to dispose of infested fabric if possible, and vacuum the surrounding area thoroughly. If the problem persists, we can come to perform a treatment to rid your home or business of the pest.

No need to buy many kinds of beetle killer bait products. X-Terminators Pest control service in Vancouver BC offers a wide range of fast-acting and easy-to-use beetle control products to prevent and get rid of beetles in your home and your garden.