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As experts in commercial pest management, the X-terminators know that pest problems can strike anywhere, at your office, restaurant, warehouse, factory or other workplaces. Pest issues can range from unpleasant to a potential business disaster especially if you are in the food service industry.

The X-terminators are your Commercial Pest Control Experts

One thing is a given, the sooner you engage the services of a skilled and qualified commercial exterminator the sooner you can get back to focusing on your business and the less risk you run of lost merchandise, lost customers or damage to your bottomline.

No matter what type of business you run, The X-Terminators can not only eradicate any current pest problem you have but also help prevent future pest issues.

We are Commercial Pest Control Experts

The X-Terminators are one of greater Vancouver’s and Burnaby most experienced commercial or business pest control companies. We have extensive experience with offices, restaurants, warehouses, food processing facilities, hotels, and all other commercial properties.

Restaurant Pest Control >>

Food establishments are particularly vulnerable to pests due to the presence of attractive food supplies, combined with a need to maintain a good reputation with customers and meet industry standards regarding hygiene and pest control. The X-Terminators have lots of experience helping out food establishments whether from a minor ant problem, cockroaches or a larger mouse or rat challenge. We have seen it, fixed it, prevented it coming back!

Hotel Pest Control:

Aside from all the usual cast of characters that business owners face with nuisance pests, hotels and BnB’s face a particular challenge of controlling the highly mobile and hard to eradicate bed bug. Since these nasty pests can come with your customers or move in from a neighbouring building, they can be a challenge to stop. That said, once your business is infected it’s vital to use qualified experts to properly eradicate the problem and work with you to create strategies for preventing future infections.

Office Pest Control:

Offices are usually thought of as pretty clean environments and not something one associates with pest problems, yet occurrences are more frequent than you might think. It may be something as simple as preventing pigeons from roosting over your entrance way all the way up to rodents that have decided to share your place of business. The X-Terminators are your go-to team of experts for all your business office pest related issues.

Warehouse pest control:

Warehouses are almost synonymous with pest problems, and indeed we do much business doing prevention, control and eradication of pests looking to make a home in your warehouse. No matter if its insects, rodents or something more exotic, we have the knowledge, tools and skills to safely and effectively terminate your pest problem.

We can effectively treat any commercial pest problem

The X-Terminators can effectively identify, eradicate and prevent future occurrences from pests large and small. Our Vancouver and Burnaby commercial pest control team can remove and if needed exterminate a wide range of pest problems including:

Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish, Wasps and Hornets and more

Pigeons, starlings, gulls and crows

Larger Animals:
Mice and rats, raccoons, snakes, other large animals

Protect your business (and bottom line!) from pests, and contact us today for a FREE on-site inspection, consultation, and quote.