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Are you arachnophobic?

Being afraid of spiders isn’t something that only scares people in the movies. Spiders have terrified people for generations and for good reason, poisonous spider bites can cause pain, swelling, long-term damage to your skin, in extreme cases, even death.

Nobody wants to invite friends over for dinner or have a family member visit for a few days only to have them surprised or horrified with an unplanned confrontation with a spider. Even worse, sometimes you never even see the spider and just wake up with a spider bite.

While the most common spiders around our area are generally safe including the Black-Footed Spider, the House Spider, and the Zebra Spider the Vancouver area is also home to the dangerous Black Widow and the Brown Recluse spiders too.

But regardless of if the spiders you find in your house are venomous or if they are non-venomous they still need to be dealt with.

Even when you are dealing with non-poisonous spiders who would want spider webs or eggs all over their house? And nobody wants to wake up at night to use the bathroom and find a spider waiting for you when you turn on the light.

Luckily, when you need to get rid of spiders in Canada there is a proven answer, make an appointment with the X-Terminators.

When you notice spider webs in your garage, attic, or basement and need professional spider control, call the X-Terminators.

If you are getting ready for a barbeque or a spring or summer party or opening your pool for the summer only to find spiders, call the X-Terminators.

What Makes The X-Terminators Unique

Most importantly, you will never have to be surprised by a spider again because when you get spider pest control with the X-Terminators spider removal is 100% guaranteed.

Yes, to repeat, our services are 100% guaranteed.

For up to three months after your treatment, if you see one spider, call us and we will come back and make certain your problem is solved.

Okay, maybe the pest control company use does not offer a complete guarantee but you have been using their services for a long time and they always do a good job and have always offered you a square deal.

Not only do the X-Terminators guarantee our work and providing you with quality spider control, we will also promise to beat any competitor’s price by at least ten percent.

Nothing could be easier, we offer the best prices, a full guarantee for our work, every one of our employees can take your credit or debit card, and you can make an appointment by email, from our website, or by calling us at  1-888-908-2986 today.