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Silverfish are a very common pest. Most people have had the experience of switching on the bathroom light at night and seeing one of these unsightly bugs squirming on the floor. Although they do not pose a major health risk, they can trigger allergies in some people. Silverfish can cause damage to paper and fabrics. Books, clothing, and even wallpaper can show signs of damage from the bugs. They can get into grain products as well. Silverfish can also be indicators of a moisture problem within the home or business.

Silverfish thrive on moisture. That is why they are most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. If you are starting to see them regularly, you should first check if there is a moisture problem somewhere. Check under sinks for leaks. Also be sure your bathroom fan is working properly to get rid of the steam after a shower. If this does not help the problem, then we can come treat the silverfish for you.