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What are the most common pest control issues in Surrey?

British Columbia’s second largest city by population Surrey sometimes fails to get the respect it warrants, but not from pests. The combination of a large area municipality with a lot of surrounding wilderness makes Surrey very popular with a wide variety of interesting creatures which can become unwanted house guests and pests. If you have found you are sharing your house with insects, small mammals or other pests make your first call the X-Terminators.

Rodents Control in Surrey

They come in two forms in Surrey, Small (Mice) and Larger (Rats). Both are a problem when they are in your house or other structures on your property. They are both capable of doing significant physical damage to your home, and worse, their feces and urine are toxic and a potential source of human communicable disease. Even if you are an animal lover you don’t want to share a house with either mice or rats. Rodents are prolific breeders so left unchecked in your home, they will go from a small problem to a major issue very quickly. If you have seen a mouse or rat in your house, or have found some droppings it’s time to act!
Not sure what you are looking for, give us a call we can quickly send someone by who is an expert in identifying when you have unwanted visitors.

It’s important to deal with an infestation quickly, so make sure to call The X-Terminators as soon as possible. We provide comprehensive cleanup and preventative methods, in addition to the usual pest control services.

Ants Control in Surrey

Many Surrey homeowners take pride in having a yard they can enjoy for gardening, BBQ’s and just relaxing from all that noise and cement that is stressing out their downtown neighbours. Regrettably, a nice yard may well be home of ants which may be benign or a more serious problem depending on the species. The X-Terminators team can quickly help you figure out what type of ants and how best to treat them.

Wasps Control in Surrey

Wasps are fascinating insects, but not generally the best of neighbours with their well-earned reputation for aggressive behaviour and a painful sting. The X-Terminators can quickly and permanently remove any wasp nests before they can you, your family or your property any harm. Our team are experienced experts who are equipped to remove wasps, hornets and other stinging insects quickly, and safely.

Bed Bugs Control in Surrey

Regrettably, bedbugs are a growing problem and since they are very easy to bring home from infected neighbours or a stay with a hotel, they can easily spread. Once infected it can be very hard to clear them out of your house so early identification of an infestation and treatment are essential. Call the X-Terminators if you are worried you might have bed bugs. We can quickly assess the problem and recommend and carry out effective treatments. We’ve dealt with thousands of them, and can help you turn your bed bugs into dead bugs.

Small Mammals Control in Surrey

Because of its proximity to some large tracts of wooded lands, agricultural acreage and even wilderness, Surrey homeowners will often see small mammals such as raccoons and squirrels, and even the odd coyote and bear. For the most part, these animals will be just passing through, but raccoons and squirrels are happy to move in if the living is easy. If you have or are worried you might have an uninvited guest call the X-Terminators. We are experts in safely removing such creatures, ensuring they can’t get back in and providing you with strategies and techniques for avoiding future encounters.

Birds Control in Surrey

Generally, birds are not a problem, but if you are an active gardener or living next to an agricultural area, even our winged friends can become pests. X-Terminators can help make your property an unattractive place for large groupings of birds and can remove nests and other residue left behind by unwanted birds.

What to do in case of pest control issues in Surrey?

When it comes to pest control in Surrey, not all exterminators have the X-factor. From the very small to the very large pest problem, you can depend on the expertise and knowledge of The X-Terminators’ trained technicians. We’re locally owned and operated, which means that we know Surrey and its pests! In addition, all of our methods adhere to Ministry of Environment regulations. We minimize the use of pesticides and are performing all pest removals in the most environmentally sensitive way possible.
Give us a call today, and let The X-Terminators put you on the path to a pest-free future.