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Cockroaches are fairly common here in the Vancouver, Burnaby and lower mainland of BC, but they are not the large American Cockroaches that most people imagine. The most common types here are German Cockroaches and Brown-Banded Cockroaches. Some people say they look like crickets, but they crawl instead of hopping. Younger cockroaches have a slightly different appearance, and look more like a beetle. Female cockroaches carry an egg case at their rear end, called an ootheca. This makes them appear longer than usual. If you see one of these, try to kill or trap it immediately, as one ootheca can carry up to 50 eggs!

Anyone can get cockroaches. They can be brought in on groceries, or travel between units in apartment buildings. However, keeping a clean and tidy home will help keep the problem from getting worse, and is also important when controlling them. It can also help avoid attracting them to your unit in multi-unit buildings. Keeping a lid on your garbage and emptying it regularly will help. Keeping your kitchen area clean of food and grease is also recommended. Cockroaches particularly like fermented food and drinks, so be sure to rinse beer cans before storing them in your recycle bin.

Cockroaches are a health concern. They leave droppings and bacteria behind which can be transferred to people, especially if it is left on food. Salmonella is an example of one type of bacteria they can spread. In addition to this, cockroaches leave behind antigens that can cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma attacks.

Most infestations can be controlled using a special commercial cockroach bait that we apply in your home or business to get rid of the bugs. You do not have to leave the premises for this type of treatment. In more severe cases we may have to use sprays, in which case you would have to keep the premises vacant for a period of time.

No need to buy many kinds of cockroach / roach killer bait products. X-Terminators Pest control service in Vancouver BC offers a wide range of fast-acting and easy-to-use cockroach control products to prevent and get rid of cockroaches in your home and your garden.