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Mice are a year-round pest that cause problems in homes and businesses everywhere. They can be driven inside more often in winter, but they are still common indoors even through summer months.

Most often, the house mouse is the unwelcome visitor that invades people’s homes and businesses. They can be brown, grey, or even close to black in colour, and tend to have lighter coloured bellies. A full grown mouse including tail can be up to 20cm long. Their droppings are small, usually less than 3-4mm in length, and are rod shaped with pointed ends. Many people liken their appearance to chocolate sprinkles. Don’t eat them though! In all seriousness though, mouse droppings and urine are a serious health concern. Disease can be spread to humans, so do not take mouse infestations lightly. Pest control measures should be taken immediately upon noticing the problem.

Deer mice are a much less common occurrence. They are more often seen in rural areas or remote forested areas. Some people call them field mice. Their fur colour is like that of a deer – brown with white on their stomach and legs. They also have noticeably larger ears than the house mouse. Deer mice can carry a unique risk – hantavirus. Although transmission in Canada has been rare, it is a possibility to contract this very dangerous virus from deer mouse droppings, urine or saliva. It is most commonly transmitted when droppings are disturbed and the dust is inhaled. Therefore any cleanup when deer mice are suspected must be done with the utmost care. Professional cleanup is highly recommended, which is a service that The X-Terminators can provide.

The best way to deal with mice is to prevent their entry in the first place. Mice can squeeze through holes about the size of a dime, so the exclusion of mice can be difficult, but possible. Sanitation issues such as leaving garbage or composting near the house should be watched closely. Vegetation should be trimmed away from the house where possible. The X-Terminators can also provide exterior bait stations to help kill off exterior rodent populations before they have a chance to enter the home.

No need to buy many kinds of mice killer bait products. X-Terminators Pest control removal service in Vancouver BC offers a wide range of fast-acting and easy-to-use rodent (mice and rats) control products to prevent and get rid of mice in your home and your garden.