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Wasps, hornets, and bees are a common sight outdoors through spring, summer, and early fall. They become a pest problem when they nest in or near your home or business. We highly recommend avoiding treatment on your own when it comes to these pests. When threatened, these insects can release alarm indicators into the air which can send a colony into a defensive frenzy. Multiple stings can be dangerous even to people who are not normally allergic to stings. We suggest you call us immediately for a free consultation and quote. We have protective suits that protect us from stings, and can safely remove all types of wasp and hornet nests for you. Sometimes you may find a nest in your attic or shed during winter months. Although it is not likely to be active, we still recommend calling us to remove it, as some insects do overwinter in the nest and could still pose a hazard.

Wasp, hornet and bee nests can be either a visible paper nest hanging on a tree or structure, or an unexposed nest that is hidden. In the case of an unexposed nest, you will instead see the traffic of the insects flying in and out of one or several entry points. Unexposed nests can be underground, or in any sort of structure. They are common in roof soffits and vents of houses. They can even be found nesting under barbeque covers or other patio furniture, so be careful when using these kinds of items for the first time in spring!

A note about bees: Honey bees are extremely important to people. Their pollination services are essential to our food supply. As such, we do not offer any extermination services for honey bees. We only exterminate wasps and hornets. If you think you have a honey bee nest that is causing you a problem, please give us a call and we will refer you to a qualified beekeeper that will relocate them safely. Do not spray them or attempt control on your own. We are also very careful in our use of pesticides outdoors to be sure we are not harming bees. Our company has a strong stance against the use of neonicotinoids in garden and commercial pesticide use.