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5 Signs Your Business Needs Commercial Pest Control Services

Pests can take over a business just as fast as they can take over your home. Make sure you protect your business and reputation from pests by letting us assist you as your trusted Vancouver pest control expert. Here are the top 5 signs you may need commercial pest control! 1. You serve food. If […]



5 Signs You Have Carpenter Ants In Your Home

Vancouver is known for having a plethora of pest problems. In our experience as a Vancouver pest control company, one pest comes to mind that is particularly scary and that pest is carpenter ants. They essentially chew channels into the wood of our homes to make space for their nests. This can do a lot […]



Top 6 Reasons Rodents Are Attracted To Your House!

To say rodents are a problem in Vancouver is an understatement! Whether we like to admit it or not, rodents thrive where humans thrive. With spring mating season in full swing, here are the top 6 attractants you have lying around your home that could put you in danger of having a rodent infestation! 1. […]



Ant Control Tips From Your Local Pest Control Experts!

There are many types of ants that can make their way indoors if it suits them! There are two main categories that you should be aware of. Wood boring ants and non wood boring ants. Here are some ant control tips to help you with ants in your home! Wood Boring Ants: These are called […]



Tips for Cockroach Pest Control in your Home

Cockroach Basic Facts German Cockroaches are the most common roach that The X-Terminators see in Vancouver and surrounding cities. These cockroaches are smaller than your typical cockroach, clocking in at about a 1/2 inch to 5/8’s of an inch long. They are tan in colour and can be easily identified by the two black lines […]



Rodent Proof Your Home! Advice From The X-Terminators

Rodenticide Ban The province has banned the use of SGAR’s or second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides, except in limited situations. This was done in an effort to protect birds of prey and other animals that feed on rodents. So what does this mean for you? During the initial trial period over the last year, we have noticed […]



Vancouver Bed Bug Treatment – Tips & Tricks

Get back to lazy Sunday naps fast with these tips! When you’ve booked a bed bug treatment with The X-Terminators, there are a few factors that can speed up (or slow down) eradication of the bugs. Here are some tips and tricks to have a speedy recovery! What should you do if you’ve found bed […]



Why You Need To Hire A Professional For Bed Bug Treatment

Let’s start with a bed bug’s basic needs. They are biologically wired to eat, breed and hide in order to survive. With this in mind, let’s ponder some self treatment options and their potentially negative outcomes. Why throwing away your bed doesn’t always work. Maybe you get lucky and throwing away your furniture does solve […]



The Do’s And Don’ts Of Finding Bed Bugs In Your Home

You just found bed bug’s in your home… What’s next? Well, here are some tips on how to deal with bed bugs.     First of all, we’re sorry you’ve made this discovery. We know how unsettling it is to uncover a bed bug issue in your home. Please know, that if you take the […]



How To Get Rid Of Drain Flies The Natural Way

  Psychodidae, most commonly known as “drain flies”, have many alias’s. These flies are often called moth flies due to their fuzzy appearance and greyish color. Do not be mistaken though as these tiny flies are certainly not moths! These fuzzy flies feed primarily on the organic material that builds up in your pipes. They […]