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Ant Control Tips From Your Local Pest Control Experts!

There are many types of ants that can make their way indoors if it suits them! There are two main categories that you should be aware of. Wood boring ants and non wood boring ants. Here are some ant control tips to help you with ants in your home!

Wood Boring Ants:

These are called Carpenter ants. Carpenter ants range in size from 5mm-25mm, are usually black but can sometimes be a reddish brown and sometimes they even have wings. You may find them in an old stump, wood pile or worse, inside your home! Carpenter ants get their name from their ability to chew channels into wood in order to nest and build their colony. Unlike Termites, Carpenter Ants do not consume wood as a food source, they are simply using it as their home.

Tips to keep them at bay:

-Keep shrubs and trees trimmed back from the house.

-Store wood piles away from your house or other structures.

-Fix water leaks in the home quickly to avoid moisture damaged wood.

-Ensure any water damaged wood is replaced quickly.

You may be dealing with a carpenter ant infestation if you:

-See Carpenter Ants inside of your home, either with wings or without wings.

-See Carpenter Ants marching to or from your house.

-You notice small piles of sawdust in places that don’t make sense that return periodically.

-You hear noises in your walls. Carpenter ants sounds are like when you add milk to a big bowl of rice crispies! They are most active in the evenings. So if you hear that nostalgic sound and there aren’t any bowls of cereal nearby, you may have a problem!

If you notice any of these signs, call us, your local pest control expert for immediate eradication!

Non Wood Boring Ants:

These are often called Sugar Ants or Pavement Ants. These types of ants are typically under 5 mm in length, and they love human food, you’ll often find them swarming a crumb on the ground or spilled pop! They’ll even attack your humming bird feeders if they are able to! Did you know that there are over 500 species of pavement ants? They can be a very pesky issue to deal with and unfortunately, they are a very common pest in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey and all surrounding areas!

Here are some tips to fight against regular ants:

-Keep food in sealed containers

-Use humming bird feeders with ant moats to prevent feeding unintended insects.

-Seal cracks and crevices where you notice ants entering the home.

-Keep shrubs and trees trimmed back from the house

-Wipe up ant trails with a mix of vinegar and water

-Try placing some ready to use ant bait stations if you are seeing ants inside your home to help kill the nest that is located nearby.

In some more severe infestations, this may not be enough to control the issue. If you try these tips and have no luck, there are more effective treatments that our pest control technicians can use to keep your home ant free!

If you are seeing these guys inside your home in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey or surrounding areas, give us a call and our expert phone staff can provide you with a quote over the phone and have you booked in so you can go back to living your life, ant free!