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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Finding Bed Bugs In Your Home

You just found bed bug’s in your home… What’s next? Well, here are some tips on how to deal with bed bugs.     First of all, we’re sorry you’ve made this discovery. We know how unsettling it is to uncover a bed bug issue in your home. Please know, that if you take the […]



Don’t Let a Pest Problem Crash Your Housewarming

The housing market in Vancouver is heating up. But a new space isn’t the only thing buyers are getting; some homeowners are also inheriting some uninvited guests. Pest problems are pretty common, particularly in older homes, and the cost of residential pest control in Vancouver could be leaving some new buyers with an unpleasant surprise. […]



Key For the Best Restaurant Pest Control Strategy In Surrey

Keeping your restaurant clean on the inside and outside requires a lot of care, patience and hard work. The cleanliness of your restaurant is extremely important for both your employees and customer’s health and your business’s reputation. This is why restaurant pest control services in Surrey go beyond keeping the inside of your business sanitized […]



Protect Your Business Reputation with Commercial Pest Control

When it comes to pest control, the basics for residential, and commercial pest control in Burnaby are very similar. The bottom line is, the sooner professional pest control services are called, the sooner the pests are gone. Commercial pest control in Burnaby is an important part of owning a business. An infestation runs the risk […]



Cockroaches in Your Kitchen and Other Commercial Pest Control Services in Vancouver

It’s back to work, and it’s not only customers who are happy to see your business open again. The pandemic was hard on pests too, as they scrambled to find new food sources and warm places to nest. Now that doors are open again, pests are back in force, causing major headaches for businesses still […]



Restaurant Pest Control is Essential

Owning and working in a restaurant means that you need to be hyper-vigilant in terms of restaurant pest control. Not only is this mandatory and the law, but no one wants to eat at a restaurant that has a pest problem. Pests are an unfortunate by-product of having food in a room. Even if all […]



Five Easy and Preventative Pest Control Measures

As the summer weather brings warmth, long hours, and gentle breezes, it can be hard to picture fall. But every year, pest control in Burnaby can become an issue for some homes as soon as the temperatures start to drop. Pests like to keep warm too, and they will be attracted to warm dark, and […]



The Best Pest Control is Prevention

Pest control is a year-round task that is always important. Pests can and will invade your home during any season, and can cause serious damage to your home, as well as have a negative impact on you and your family. Pest control in Vancouver does not have to be a response to pests that have […]



What’s That Noise? And Other Signs You Need Residential Pest Control in Surrey

Has an unnamed pest been leaving little clues throughout your home that lead you to believe you may have a pest control problem? Discovering solid evidence of a pest problem, like seeing an actual mouse scurry across your floor, is clearly a sign that you need residential pest control in Surrey. However, signs of these […]



What to Do When Ants Become a Problem

Warm weather and ants go together like the sun and sunburns. While most ants are harmless, if annoying, sometimes an increasing presence of ants in your home could be a signal of a more severe problem that may require pest control services to resolve. Irritating but Relatively Harmless Pavement ants are what you probably think […]