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Five Easy and Preventative Pest Control Measures

As the summer weather brings warmth, long hours, and gentle breezes, it can be hard to picture fall. But every year, pest control in Burnaby can become an issue for some homes as soon as the temperatures start to drop.

Pests like to keep warm too, and they will be attracted to warm dark, and damp spaces. Ensuring that your home is sealed is the first step to pest control in Burnaby, and can often be the only step.

Here are five tips for pest control in Burnaby:

1: Locate possible entry points and close them

No hole is too small for pests. Locate the gaps and cracks in the windows, doors, and walls, inside and outside your home. If your home has siding, inspect the underside of it, as cracks in siding are an easy entry point for pests and a commonly ignored one for humans.

Most cracks can be sealed with caulk, which can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store. Pest control Burnaby does not have to involve harsh, store-bought chemicals and expensive traps. Sometimes, the easiest ways are the simplest solutions. If a draft can get through a crack, so can a pest.

Another pest control Burnaby supply that can be found around the house, or in the cleaning aisle of a convenience store is steel wool. Pests do not like the texture and feel of it and will avoid it. If you have any spaces inside your home that cannot be filled with silicone caulk, stuff them with steel wool.

Screens are another effective way of closing entry points. Ensure that all your windows, doors, fireplace and attic vents have screens on them. Two of the most common entry points for pests are broken window screens, and gaps under doors. Install door sweeps under your doors and ensure that all screens are unbroken.

2: Clean your gutters

Standing water is the ultimate breeding ground for insects. Pest control in Burnaby can be as simple as ensuring that your home is clean and clutter-free, inside and outside. Removing leaves and other debris from the gutters will help prevent standing water. Pest control in Burnaby, as in most of British Columbia, needs to take into account rain. Drawing moisture away from your home will prevent buildup, as well as leaks, both of which are attractive breeding grounds.

3: Keep your basement clean and dry

If your basement is damp, use a dehumidifier to keep it at 40% humidity. Dust regularly and clean cobwebs as soon as they appear. This will reduce the spider population drastically. Be sure to keep the windowsills clean and dry as well.

4: Store food in airtight containers and off the ground

Dry foods, like pet food, grains, and cereals are very attractive to pests. Ensure that dry goods are kept either in cupboards or drawers off the ground in sealed containers. Bulk foods such as pet food should be stored in airtight, plastic containers.

5: Clean regularly

Food scraps, such as compost bins, and garbage are very attractive to pests. If you need to keep your compost bin inside, store it in the freezer instead of on the counter. Move your garbage and compost bins away from the house if possible, and don’t leave crumbs or leftover food out after meals and snacks. Our garbage is a pest’s paradise and buffet.

Stuff on the ground and dust are attractive to pests, who like dark, damp, and warm places. Vacuum and sweep regularly, and be sure to mop up any spills right away.