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Although many people are not as concerned about squirrels in comparison to rats or mice, they are still a serious threat to a home or business. As with any rodent, they must gnaw on objects to trim down their constantly growing teeth, which can cause damage to electrical wires, pipes, or other areas of the structure. Their droppings and urine can also transmit disease and illness to people.

Some people hear noises in their walls or roof, and assume it is a rodent of some kind, but are unsure if it is rats or squirrels. A good indicator is the time of day that the noises are heard. If you hear noises all day long but not as much at night, it is more likely to be squirrels. Rats are nocturnal, but squirrels are most active during the day.

Squirrels often have a very defined and noticeable entry point into the structure, although there may be more than one entry point. The X-Terminators can help you control squirrels by hunting down these entry points and installing a special one-way door that allows the squirrels to exit the home, but not re-enter again. We can then return to remove the device and seal the hole to finish the job. If you do see the hole they are using to enter, we do not recommend sealing it right away, as you may trap the rodents inside and they may cause damage trying to escape, or die in the walls and create bad odour or fly problems.