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Ladybugs(lady beetles) are actually known to be good for pests. They eat aphids and other pests that can damage garden plants. And normal ladybugs (also called ladybirds in some places) will seek shelter outdoors when it starts getting cold, so they are not a pest to humans. However, there is a related bug, called the Asian Lady Beetle, which seeks shelter indoors when it begins to get cold outside. They look a lot like normal ladybugs, but have this different behavior of invading structures. They can get behind siding and into the walls of the structure, and continue to emerge into your home or business throughout the winter. The Asian Lady Beetle also secretes a bad smelling yellow liquid when threatened or crushed. If you have a problem with these beetles you should watch that your pets don’t eat them, as the liquid can cause stomach issues in your pets. Asian Lady Beetle infestations are more common in rural areas, forested areas, or areas of dense vegetation. It is best to treat for them at the end of summer, before they start to migrate indoors in early fall, although we can come to treat at any time they become a pest issue for you.

No need to buy many kinds of Ladybugs killer bait products. X-Terminators Pest control removal service in Vancouver BC offers a wide range of fast-acting and easy-to-use ladybugs (lady beetles) control products to prevent and get rid of ladybugs in your home and your garden.