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Cockroaches in Your Kitchen and Other Commercial Pest Control Services in Vancouver

It’s back to work, and it’s not only customers who are happy to see your business open again. The pandemic was hard on pests too, as they scrambled to find new food sources and warm places to nest. Now that doors are open again, pests are back in force, causing major headaches for businesses still trying to navigate this return to normal.

Commercial pest control services in Vancouver have never been in higher demand. Establishments like restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, and schools have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to pests, and with good reason. Pests are not only unsightly and bad for business, but they can also carry transmissible diseases. When the health of consumers is on the line, you can never play it too safe.

Here are just a few places pests like to hang out and how commercial pest control services in Vancouver can help eliminate the problem.

Commercial Kitchens

Restaurants and commercial kitchens have everything insects, rodents, and other pests need to live their best lives. There’s no shortage of food to eat and places to hide. Rodents, flies, fruit flies, and, yes, cockroaches are the very common restaurant pests.

Commercial pest control in Vancouver can help keep your kitchen area pest-free with three-step prevention, implementation, and monitoring program.

Grocery Stores

What’s not to love about grocery stores? Pests love them for the same reasons we do; all that yummy food to eat. Rodents, raccoons, and roaches often take up residence in grocery stores. Open docking areas provide ample opportunity for them to get in, and empty stores through the evening hours give them plenty of time to snack on all their favourite treats.

Given their size, keeping grocery stores pest-free is a tall order. However, commercial pest control services in Vancouver can help eliminate the problem and educate staff on preventing pests from returning.


Large commercial warehouses are surprisingly frequently affected by pests. While they may not have all the food sources that restaurants and grocery stores provide, they have tons of places for pests, particularly rodents, to nest. And while there may be limited food, even forgotten breakroom garbage or outdoor dumpsters can provide enough incentive.

Pest control in large warehouses is all about prevention. After professional pest control services have identified problem areas, they can help management develop long-term solutions.

Large Apartment Complexes

With so many people living in one area, once a pest infestation starts, it can spread very quickly. From cockroaches and bedbugs to rodents and ants, apartment complexes make the perfect home for various pests and some of the most difficult to eliminate.

Managing pests in a large apartment complex typically requires continued monitoring and service. Eliminating the problem and implementing best practice cleaning procedures is the first step. But with so many people and so many places for pests to hide, keeping apartment complexes pest-free is often an ongoing process.


School and dormitories face many of the same pest problems that apartment complexes do. Rodents, roaches, bed bugs, and ants are all common around large campuses, and with students constantly coming and going, pest problems can quickly spread. Bed bugs, for example, can travel easily in book bags and laundry, and once situated, multiply quickly.

Commercial pest control services in Vancouver can’t get residents to clean up after themselves. Still, they can do their best to help keep schools pest-free through exclusion methods, cleaning protocols and continued monitoring services.