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What’s That Noise? And Other Signs You Need Residential Pest Control in Surrey

Has an unnamed pest been leaving little clues throughout your home that lead you to believe you may have a pest control problem? Discovering solid evidence of a pest problem, like seeing an actual mouse scurry across your floor, is clearly a sign that you need residential pest control in Surrey. However, signs of these sneaky critters are often much more subtle, and knowing you have a problem isn’t always as straightforward.

Here are five indications that you may have a pest problem, what they mean, and when to call for professional residential pest control in Surrey.


Animal droppings are a sure sign that you have pests inside or around your property. Not only do pests make meals out of food they find around your home, but they don’t pick up after themselves. Mice and rats commonly leave droppings in the same areas they hunt for food, so search for evidence inside cabinets, underneath sinks, and along kitchen baseboards.

Gnaw Marks

Rodents, and particularly rats, like to chew. Sometimes they are looking for materials to use in building their nests; other times, they are trying to access food or water. If you find signs of gnawed moulding, torn fabric, nibbled-on boxes, or chewed-on electrical and even plumbing, it’s a strong indication of a pest problem.

Strange Sounds

If weird noises that appear to be coming from inside your walls or ceiling have been keeping you up at night, you may have a pest problem on your hands. Scuttling, scraping, squeaking, and scratching can all be heard as mice and rats run around the inside of your walls, scavenging your home for food. Rodents are most active at night, and the noise they make is also easier to detect when the house is quiet. If pests have made their way inside your home, likely, they have also built a nest, and if so, it is definitely time for residential pest control.

Tracks, Scratches, and Rub Marks

As rodents scurry about your house, they leave subtle signs of their presence. If you are finding unexplained dirt tracks, scratches on your floors and walls, and greasy residue around mouldings, it could be a pest problem. More than that, if these signs are frequently appearing, it probably means that the rodents have established a nest in your home.

Finding a Nest

If your investigation of a potential pest problem has led you to an actual rat or mouse nest, then it is time to call for pest control. Even if there are no other marks of a pest problem, a nest indicates that there are pests around your property, and while they may have moved outdoors during the warmer months, once it gets cold again if your home is accessible, they will be back.

Unlike some pest control problems, a rodent infestation can be dangerous to the health and safety of all those living in your home. If you suspect you have rodents or other wildlife living in your home, call for residential pest control.