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Protect Your Business Reputation with Commercial Pest Control

When it comes to pest control, the basics for residential, and commercial pest control in Burnaby are very similar. The bottom line is, the sooner professional pest control services are called, the sooner the pests are gone. Commercial pest control in Burnaby is an important part of owning a business. An infestation runs the risk of destroying your merchandise and products, as well as losing customers and your reputation.

Pests infesting a commercial space indicate a level of uncleanliness that most customers do not want to interact with. No one wants to shop somewhere that is infested with rodents or eat somewhere with fly traps covering the walls. No matter the business, commercial pest control in Burnaby is right for you if you own a business.

For restaurants and hotels, commercial pest control Burnaby needs to start with prevention. Any commercial business that has food is vulnerable to pests. Industry standards need to be met in the hospitality and food industry. Whether it is a minor ant problem in the summer or an infestation of mice, commercial pest control in Burnaby can be done discreetly, professionally, and quickly.

Offices are not the first commercial property that comes to mind when thinking about pest control. However, like any building, offices can be welcome shelters to a variety of insects and rodents.

Just like our homes, there are things we can do to keep commercial spaces pest-free. Locating any possible entrances, such as tears in a screen door or window coverings, or gaps or cracks in the buildings. Make sure to inspect both the inside and outside of the building if applicable, and seal or repair any openings.

If the commercial space is not air-conditioned, all windows and doors should be covered by screens. These screens will help keep pests from flying or crawling into the building during the warmer months.

If there is food in bulk, such as dry goods like flour, grains, sugar, etc., ensure that they are stored in airtight containers with strong lids. Store food off the ground and refrigerate any perishable foods when they are not in use.

Regular cleaning of food storage spaces like fridges and microwaves will help keep the eating space clean of the old food. Sweeping and mopping the floors regularly is another way to help keep pests at a minimum.

Commercial pest control in Burnaby also needs to be safe for humans. Professional pest control experts have the knowledge and access to industry-grade chemicals and equipment. Store-bought chemicals for pest control are not one pest suits all. These chemicals can also pose real health risks to humans if breathed in or touched.

With so many people, both employees and customers coming and going, commercial pest control in Burnaby needs to be safe for humans. This is another reason why it is best to leave commercial pest control in Burnaby to the pest control experts.

Animal removal, such as trapped birds or bats can be done safely and humanely by experts, and discreet traps can be set. The danger of pests coming back if not fully eliminated is real. When it comes to professional reputation, this is important. Instead of trying to deal with the problem yourself and risking injury to yourself, your employees, and damage to your business’ reputation, commercial pest control in Burnaby should be done by experts.

By pest-proofing your commercial property and acting quickly when you start to notice an increase in pests, you can keep commercial pest control in Burnaby from becoming a headache or a difficult task.