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Key For the Best Restaurant Pest Control Strategy In Surrey

Keeping your restaurant clean on the inside and outside requires a lot of care, patience and hard work. The cleanliness of your restaurant is extremely important for both your employees and customer’s health and your business’s reputation. This is why restaurant pest control services in Surrey go beyond keeping the inside of your business sanitized and clean.

No one wants to eat on a patio covered in bird droppings, garbage, pests and insects, or inside a restaurant that has a dirty exterior. Birds can cause a lot of damage if not dealt with. Birds will gather in large flocks and settle on signs, canopies, parapet walls, awnings, and any perch available. Restaurant pest control services in Surrey can cover all of the bases. This includes cleaning bird feces and keeping the birds away from your storefronts, patios, and signage.

The key for the best pest control strategy in Surrey is to eliminate what attracts pests. For birds, this means eliminating food sources. Keeping your waste bins as far from your store as possible and ensuring they are locked tight and are wild-life proof is a good step to start with. If other animals can get into the trash or compost, they can also make a huge mess, which will further attract birds, mice, and other scavenger pests.

Figuring out what type of birds flock to your restaurant can also help you sort out a strategy and find a viable solution. For instance, if the birds are attracted to insects, then focusing on insect control is one way to kill two birds with one stone. If your restaurant has a garden or yard, make sure you stay on top of harvesting the fruits or vegetables. Ripe fruit on fruit trees or bushes is a perfect bird opportunity. They live near food sources and ripe fruit or vegetables are easy to obtain and taste delicious. Immediately remove spilled foods and create a cleaning schedule for your trash receptacles to limit pest activity.

Bird spikes are long, needle-like blunt rods that are used for bird control. They are easy to install and will ensure that birds will not nest on your premises. If the look of bird spikes is a huge deterrent from using them, there are also control gels to consider. Control gels are waterproof, nearly colourless, odourless substances that birds do not like. They deter birds from nesting or perching on surfaces that have gel applied to them. Generally, control gels work best on horizontal surfaces such as awnings and signs and need to be replaced only after every six months or so.

Bird netting can also be a viable and long-term solution, depending on the location and structure. Bird nettings can help protect gardens and equipment from damages caused by birds. It can be especially useful under awnings. During the colder and wetter months, birds that do not migrate, such as pigeons, will always be on the lookout for safe, dry places to roost. Under the awnings are ideal spots for birds as they are dry shelters with plenty of perches.

Pest control involves considerable planning in order to implement the best strategies that are safe for both animals and humans.