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Vancouver Bed Bug Treatment – Tips & Tricks

Get back to lazy Sunday naps fast with these tips!

When you’ve booked a bed bug treatment with The X-Terminators, there are a few factors that can speed up (or slow down) eradication of the bugs. Here are some tips and tricks to have a speedy recovery!

What should you do if you’ve found bed bugs in your home?

First of all, it is normal to feel panicked! This is a highly stressful situation, but you are not alone, lots of people in the Greater Vancouver Area suffer, but stigma prevents us from having an open dialogue. Don’t lollygag, call us right away to receive advice specific to your situation and to book a treatment. The faster we can treat your home, the better the outcome will be. Do not attempt to treat the issue yourself. You can read about why not Here.

Before your treatment, you can get started by washing your bedding on the hottest washer/dryer setting possible. This kills any bugs or eggs that may be present. You can even get started on washing any clothing that were stored under or near the bed.

*Pro-Tip! Once you’ve washed your clothes, store them in a sealed bag so you don’t have to redo it later.*

Make sure you have a bed frame underneath your bed before your treatment starts! This is super helpful when treating bed bugs.

What you shouldn’t do if you have bed bugs..

Do not throw away your mattress or box-spring before discussing with us first. 90% of furniture can be saved by having a professional treatment from The X-Terminators. If we believe you need to throw away your mattress/box-spring or frame, we will let you know as soon as possible. If you do need to replace any furniture, we’d like to treat it first. That way there is a lower chance of accidentally spreading the bed bugs to others or throughout the rest of your home.

Don’t do any DIY treatments of your own! Doing so will impede the outcome of the professional treatment you’ve received. Leave it to the us!

Don’t clean up the products we apply! They are effective even after we are gone and removing that will bring any progress to an abrupt stop!

If you know where you received the bed bugs in the first place, don’t go there anymore until they can confirm their issue is also solved.

The most important tip to have a quick recovery from a bed bug infestation is early detection.

Change and inspect your sheets often so you are more likely to detect a bed bug infestation early on.

If you have recently stayed somewhere where you know bed bugs were present or work/live in a high risk environment, we offer a preventative bed bug treatment. This can help to stop a blossoming infestation right in its tracks and gives you peace of mind that you are protected from bed bugs!

If you begin noticing strange bites on your body or marks on your sheets/bed, give us a call @ 604-639-5268 right away to chat with our expert!