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5 Signs You Have Carpenter Ants In Your Home

Vancouver is known for having a plethora of pest problems. In our experience as a Vancouver pest control company, one pest comes to mind that is particularly scary and that pest is carpenter ants. They essentially chew channels into the wood of our homes to make space for their nests. This can do a lot of damage if left unchecked!

Here are 5 signs of a carpenter ant infestation

Sign 1. Seeing live carpenter ants

Number one may seem really obvious, but if you are seeing more than just a few carpenter ants near or inside your home, this is a good reason to investigate further. Carpenter ants inside your home, or in large numbers outside should definitely be raising alarm bells!

Sign 2. Piles of fine sawdust in unusual locations

If you have noticed a strange pile of sawdust inside your home, garage or shed that returns after cleaning it up, you most likely have a carpenter ant nest nearby. As they build their nest, they dispose of the sawdust they create to make space! If you notice sawdust somewhere unusual, clean it up and monitor the area for new saw dust. If it continues to pile up, you’ll need professional pest control technician help to kill the nest and protect your house!

Sign 3. Marching carpenter ants

Once carpenter ants have established a nesting site or an amazing food source, they will march to to and from it! If you see a trail of ants coming or going from your house or anywhere on your property, it is a good idea to give us a call!

Sign 4. Hearing noises in your walls or ceiling.

When carpenter ants get really busy building their nest, the chewing noises they make can actually be heard through your walls! Carpenter ants are most active in the evenings, so if you are about to tuck in for the night and you hear a sound that resembles the sound of adding milk to a bowl of rice crispies, you may have carpenter ants in your house!

Sign 5. Seeing winged carpenter ants on your property or in your house.

If you notice a large amount of reproductive, winged carpenter ants in your house, this is a sign you have an established carpenter ant nest in your home. You may also see the wing remnants near window ledges, door sills or vents, indicating a nest is nearby.

Why you need a professional to help with your carpenter ants?

A Vancouver pest control company like The X-Terminators, is trained to find and eliminate the carpenter ant infestation, and teach you how to protect your house year after year from invasion!

If you think you’ve spotted one or more of the signs above, don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can assess your unique home and situation for a plan that works for you.