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Rodent Proof Your Home! Advice From The X-Terminators

Rodenticide Ban

The province has banned the use of SGAR’s or second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides, except in limited situations. This was done in an effort to protect birds of prey and other animals that feed on rodents.

So what does this mean for you?

During the initial trial period over the last year, we have noticed an increase in rodent issues/calls from customers from all over the Greater Vancouver Area and beyond. This doesn’t mean you should feel hopeless in the battle against rodents. It just means you may need to be more proactive to protect your home! There are steps you can take to help yourselves and your neighbourhood. You will need to take some more serious precautions to ensure your home and neighbourhood are not overrun. The tips below will help to make your home as unattractive as possible to rodents, that way, they don’t even want to settle in.

Tips & Advice:

  • Keep your birdseed in sealed rodent proof bins. Ensure that you have a skirt on bird feeders outside to minimize the amount of seed that falls to the ground, or remove bird feeders all together.
  • Make sure your garbage/recycling is either kept in a bin that has a sturdy, well sealed lid.
  • Consider harvesting fruits and veggies from your garden as soon as they are ripe, otherwise the rats might beat you to it! Don’t leave fruits/veggies to rot in the garden over the winter.
  • Stick to a yard waste only compost pile & keep food out of it. There are also rodent resistant composters you can purchase to help deter rats & mice if composting food is a must in your household.
  • Trim vegetation, shrubs and trees away from your house and other structures.
  • De-clutter junk and keep the perimeter of your home clear of any excess stuff. Keep woodpiles away from the perimeter of your house as these also make lovely rodent homes.
  • Take a walk around your house and look for any gaps/holes in your home. Make sure you seal them all up to deter rodents from wandering inside too easily.
  • If construction is going on in your neighbour hood, make sure to be extra vigilant! As new buildings are developed, and old ones are demolished; rodents face renoviction as they lose their cozy nests underground & in old buildings. Make sure to follow our advice above so they don’t choose your yard/house/shed as their new home!

What do you do if there is already a significant population of rodents in your yard, or worse, inside your home?

First things first, go through the list above and make sure you are doing everything in your power to reduce harbourage areas and food sources. Without food and shelter, life gets a lot tougher for rats & mice. Next, give us a call, so we can guide you through your own unique situation! You should also take a look at what you can do inside your home below.

  • Keep your food in sealed bins so you are not providing a buffet of options for the rats or mice.
  • Ensure you are cleaning up food waste daily and taking garbage out nightly.
  • Declutter your home as much as possible. Clutter provides the shelter and safety a rodent needs to survive & thrive in your home for extended periods of time.