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Top 6 Reasons Rodents Are Attracted To Your House!

To say rodents are a problem in Vancouver is an understatement! Whether we like to admit it or not, rodents thrive where humans thrive. With spring mating season in full swing, here are the top 6 attractants you have lying around your home that could put you in danger of having a rodent infestation!

1. Bird Seed & Bird Feeders

Rodents might like bird seed more than actual birds do. Not only is it risky to leave an unprotected bag of bird seed in your garage, but have you ever sat and watched a bird eat? Their table manners are on par with a toddler learning to eat with their utensils for the first time. Messy!

We’re not saying that you can never feed the birds again, so try these tips:

-Store bird seed in a well sealed container.

-Try using rodent proof bird feeders with a seed shield underneath to prevent seeds from dropping to the ground. Wild Birds Unlimited is a great local bird store with loads of knowledge about rodent proofing your bird feeders.

-Do not throw seeds on the ground to feed birds

2. Clutter or Wood Piles

Having your fire wood, project scraps and other clutter stored against the side of your house provides fantastic nesting sites for rodents. Once rodents have nested, they tend to explore for food as close as possible to their home. This puts your home at risk of an exploratory invasion!

Try keeping wood stored as far away from the home as possible. Keep the exterior perimeter of your home as clutter free as possible

3. Messy Garbage/Recycling

Letting garbage and recycling pile up outside is a big no no when it comes to preventative pest control. We often see nesting sites nearby unprotected garbage areas.

-Rats and mice can chew through garbage bags so try using a rodent proof garbage bin instead!

-Use your green bin as much as possible to reduce accessible food scraps.

-Take garbage and recycling out for pick up as scheduled!

4. BBQ Grease Traps

Rats and Mice will make quick work of your grease trap on your barbecue. Don’t forget to clean this out regularly to avoid attracting rodents to your deck!

5. Standing Water

Like all life on earth, water is essential to a rats or mouses survival. Having easy sources of water like clogged gutters, buckets full of rain water, or even bird baths can supply rodents with the water they need to thrive putting you at risk!

-Regularly empty out containers with standing water (this helps with mosquitoes too!)

– Remove blockages from gutters

– Consider emptying bird baths nightly and replacing with fresh water daily. Your neighbourhood birds will thank you too!

6. Grass Seed

We saved the most surprising for last! When you look at a bag of grass seed, you don’t exactly think it looks very nutritious, but it is a welcome snack for mice and rats! This one always shocks our customers, because it is the last thing you would think could be contributing to your rodent problem. We often find grass seed bags chewed open with loads of rodent droppings nearby! Keep your grass seeds in a sturdy sealed bin to keep it safe from rodents!


Try these tips to keep your yard and home rodent free. If you do need assistance from your local expert pest control company, give us a call!