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Keep Your Family Safe from Wasps & Hornets

Wasp and hornet season is upon us! They often find themselves building nests near our homes, or even inside them! Wasps and hornets are not pollinators and will not hesitate to sting if they are even slightly threatened. Basically, they are nothing but a dangerous nuisance. Keep yourself and your family safe by reading this post!

Signs you have a wasp or hornet nest near your home.

1. There is an unusually high number of wasps or hornets near your home

2. You can see lots of wasps or hornets entering a hole in your home.

3. Maybe the most obvious, is seeing the actual paper nest forming on the roofline of your house or on a tree/bush!

Quick Tips!

If the nest is entering a hole in your house, DO NOT SEAL THE HOLE. This will cause the wasps to find a new entry/exit point. This makes successful treatment much more difficult. It also can cause the wasps to become disoriented and they will sometimes end up inside your living space!

Stay away from the nest before it has been treated. Don’t allow children to play near the nest to protect them from painful stings. Make sure to educate children of all ages on the dangers of provoking a wasp or hornet nest.

If the nest is near a door you use regularly, try to use a different entryway to prevent an attack!


While you could attempt to remove the nest yourself, this is often dangerous without the proper tools and products. If you would like to kill the nest yourself, make sure you plan to treat the nest either early in the morning, or late at night when the nest is least active. Prepare yourself with thick clothing. Tuck your pants and sleeves into your socks and gloves. Wear a hat with a net over it to protect your face & neck. Select a wasp/hornet specific product to attack with and follow the label directions! If you are planning on treating it yourself, make sure no one else is around to keep bystanders safe. Stay calm and approach the nest slowly.

If you believe you are dealing with a Bald-Faced Hornet nest, we do not recommend attempting this nest removal yourself. In our opinion, these are the most dangerous nest as these hornets can sting multiple times and are quite aggressive.

If you are even slightly nervous, allergic or the nest is located in a wall void, it is probably best to give us a call to assist you safely!